We’d do anything for our dogs. And they’d do anything for you. But let’s be honest: come dinner time, all they care about is food. Sure, they’ll eat anything. But maybe it’s time to change that.

In partnership with Ilume, we’re giving you the chance to win a three months subscription of hi-tech personalised premium dog food tailored specifically for your pet – and it’s not your typical tasty treat.

Sourced locally, chef-made, and featuring high-grade human-quality meats and vegetables prepared by hand in their Melbourne kitchen, Ilume’s dog food is science-backed, good for your dog’s gut, and supports bone and joint health.

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Based on information including your dog’s age, breed and activity, Ilume will also create an individually optimised top-shelf food designed to give your dog a longer, happier life.

The subscription also includes a smart bowl to help with monitoring accurate feeding, and a tracker for your dog’s collar to monitor their nutrition and activity, providing the data required to create a unique plan for your pet.

Tying it all together is an app designed in-house by Ilume, with functions such as a feeding guide tailored to your dog, activity and rest tracking, a content blog and meal planner.

The result is pet food and plans perfect for a carer who’s looking for more variety and healthier options for their pet.

The winner of the Ilume Hi-Tech Premium Dog Food Subscription is Chad S.

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Ilume.