Youly is on a mission to make women’s healthcare more accessible. Founded by Nic Blair, as part of Midnight Health, the digital healthcare platform has recently introduced a same-day urinary tract infection (UTI) treatment delivery service.

Bringing convenience to something highly inconvenient is all part of Youly’s playbook. And while the rise of telehealth and e-scripts has made life easier for many Australians, there are still some hurdles we are yet to overcome – there’s not enough cranberry juice in the world to make standing in line at the pharmacy while trying to breathe through the symptoms of cystitis bearable.

How does it work? Jump onto Youly on your phone or computer and arrange a brief online consultation with a qualified healthcare professional. After they’ve assessed your symptoms, the practitioner can prescribe treatment with an e-script, which can then be filled and delivered via Youly’s same-day delivery service.

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The service takes the pain out of getting treatment for a UTI. Youly also hopes it will promote early intervention, reducing the risk of complications associated with untreated UTIs.

The platform also offers treatment for sexual health concerns, everyday health and skincare. Use code YOULY20OFF for 20 per cent off your first online consultation.

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