When Jessica Sepel started JSHealth a decade ago, it was in the form of a simple lifestyle blog where she wrote about the health industry.

“I was a chronic fad dieter for 10 years,” she says. “[But then] I started to repair my broken relationship with food and shifted my mentality from restrictive to holistic. I wanted to share it.”

The blog blew up.

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“It took off without me understanding how and why,” she says. “The ‘healthy life’ wasn’t cool or trending like it is now.”

Soon after, she had multiple book deals, a thriving JSHealth community and an app with a nutrition-based eight-week plan. JSHealth is now a multimillion-dollar company.

In 2018, Sepel launched JSHealth Vitamins. You’ve probably seen the range – which features straightforward names such as Detox + Debloat, Hair + Energy, and Skin + Digestion – in your local pharmacy.

“I could also see [people] were feeling very confused and overwhelmed by the industry,” she says. “People were taking vitamins but they didn’t understand why.”

She decided that this “pain point” – that is, what each supplement was designed to address – needed to be made clear on the label to help overcome that confusion. It probably helped that JSHealth Vitamins, with its simple white labelling, stood out on the shelf next to brightly coloured competitors.

“We weren’t trying to be different, but we were completely connected to our customers,” she says.

Sepel’s changing definition of success and wealth
Sepel might be riding a wave of success, but she’s always thinking about the future. Despite the success of JSHealth, she’s keen to take a step back in the next few years.

“I work from 8am to 8pm at my desk at the moment,” she says. “It’s a serious corporate admin job. I’m very candid and honest about the fact that running a business is not an easy task.” According to a report conducted by AMP, the proportion of Australians working from home has increased by more than 20% in the last five years - an indication of building personal wealth through less commute time and more personal time.

Over time, she says her idea of success, and wealth, has changed. It’s not so much about financial goals anymore, but freedom.

"The fulfillment I feel from supporting our global community is what true wealth means to me,” Sepel says. “When I open my direct messages on Instagram and am flooded with messages from people from all over the world about how their lives have been so positively impacted by JSHealth. That is what wealth really means to me. It’s a connection to people around you and living a life in alignment with your personal purpose and philosophy. I’m grateful to be able to share this every day.”

“We’ve hit certain financial KPIs that I never thought we would, and I’m so proud of that, but you get to a point where it’s not as satisfying as you think it would be,” she says. “Financial wealth doesn’t feel as good as mental wealth. Or having the freedom to pursue my passions.”

Right now, her favourite part of running the business is reading the reviews her customers leave underneath her products.

“I get hundreds of these a week,” she says. “You never get tired of seeing someone thrive. I hope to continue to help my community however I can. I often say that although the goals may continue to evolve as we grow, my vision to help people will never change.”

As far as the future is concerned, Sepel is grateful of the financial success of JSHealth, which in turn, gives her life more opportunity for personal wealth. “Having the freedom to be able to spend more time away from a desk and with my family and friends, that is the dream.”

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Bank and Wealth Manager, AMP. AMP is committed to sharing Australian stories about redefining wealth.

Hair + Energy, Skin + Digestion and Skin Bright+ support general health and wellbeing (individually). Detox + Debloat supports liver health. PM+ Sleep + Calm Mind calms the mind. Always read the label and follow the directions for use.