As a trained yoga instructor, Melbourne-based Elle Kiffer spends most of her days folded into all sorts of positions. And each time she would find it frustrating that her rubber yoga mat just wasn’t as flexible as she was. So, she made one that was.

“I’d always liked the idea of starting an e-commerce brand, but I didn’t want to just create another product that people didn’t need,” she tells Broadsheet. “I wanted it to be a solution to a problem.”

If you’ve ever been whacked over the head by a yoga mat draped over someone’s shoulder, you’d know precisely the sort of problems she’s talking about. In fact, it was on her commute that she had the lightbulb moment for her brand, Foldup.

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The Movement Mat is a lightweight yet extra thick yoga mat that folds up in numerous ways – and ultimately into a compact 1.2-kilogram square – making it more comfortable during your workout, as well as on your way to and from the yoga studio. “I don’t have bad knees, but I still find it hard to be on all fours on a regular mat sometimes,” Kiffer says. “I wanted something where you could fold just a portion of the mat and have that extra support.”

It’s made from TPE (a flexible, rubbery material which contains no latex, PVC, rubber or harsh chemicals), and is sweat-resistant and easy to clean. “I’ve always liked taking a mat travelling with me, and this one easily fits in my hand luggage and is super light,” she says.

Foldup also sells a stylish backpack, which comes in four colours and includes an internal laptop sleeve, a spot for your water bottle and, of course, room to stash your folded up Movement Mat. And there are more products to come. “I want to make [a yoga strap] that goes around the square mat so it hangs down beside you like a tote bag.”

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