Hot, sweaty and buzzing with endorphins. That’s how you’ll feel after an F45 class. It’s the newest fitness trend that promises – and delivers – an ever-changing, high-intensity 45-minute workout focused on motivation, innovation and results.

The motivation comes from trainers who cruise the floor during class offering encouragement and corrections to your form. It’s like having a personal trainer, but one you can actually afford. The innovation is everywhere, from slick F45 branding to plasma screens that play the day’s selected workout (and more importantly, show how many more sets and reps you need to complete before the next break). And the results? Well, they’re up to how hard you’re willing to work.

What the F?
Widely acknowledged as the fastest growing network of fitness studios in Australia, the F in F45 stands for “functional”. The workouts mix functional movements with high-intensity interval training in a boutique studio environment. There’s a strong emphasis on teamwork and community – in busy classes you’ll be paired up with a workout buddy or two. Some classes have more of a cardio focus; others are aimed at building strength and stability with resistance training. And sometimes, the two are combined for a particularly gruelling workout. No two workouts are the same; F45 headquarters releases fresh routines every four to five weeks.

What to expect
Classes begin with a quick warm-up and the trainers taking you through the day’s session. Then the work begins. For 45 minutes you trace your way around a circuit doing short bursts of exercise with even shorter breaks in between. As the sweat trickles down your face, an F45-branded playlist pumps out motivating tunes. The 45 minutes passes quickly – you barely have time to think about the pain you’re in before you’re high-fiving your fellow F45’ers for their efforts and moving onto the cool down. Exercise done for the day. Tick.

Where did F45 come from?
F45 began in Sydney when former equities trader Rob Deutsch spied a gap in the health and fitness industry. He came up with F45 as a way of challenging traditional gym memberships, which most people struggle to get value from. He turned the business into a franchise and with some clever social media and marketing, sold his first 10 studios. That number is now up to 480 studios in Australia and 750 around the world.

Totally addicted (to exercise)
With F45 making its presence felt on a national level, it’s likely you already know someone who swears by it. The word “cult” is often used to describe its addictive powers, but Stephanie Easting and Sandor Earl, who run F45 Training in Melbourne, prefer to think of their studio as one big, happy family. “F45 is much more than a place to just work out – we’ve seen people transform in body and mind. It’s a place where you can not only make friends but become part of a family. And when you feel supported in what you do and the goals you want to achieve, nothing can stop you. It’s why F45 is so successful,” says Easting.

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Calling all fitness seekers
At F45 Little Collins, every single member is made to feel welcome, and despite having been open for just a few months (at the time of writing), there’s already a strong sense of community around the studio. “Our Little Collins community is the foundation of the gym,” says Earl. “We wanted to create a platform where everyone would feel comfortable and could call the gym their own. Any of our members will agree that the teammates they see in their regular classes have become great friends and pillars of support in their day-to-day life. Whatever’s going on in your life, the family here has your back and that starts by smashing a workout every day and getting out of the bubble of what can often be a tough day at the office.”

If your curiosity has been stoked, get a free seven-day pass to F45 Training Little Collins here.

There are hundreds of F45 gyms in Australia, find one that’s good for you here.

Megan Gamble is Broadsheet’s “Movement” columnist. She’s a full-time mum to baby Flynn but likes to squeeze freelance writing, yoga teaching and, for the purposes of research, F45 into her busy schedule. Join her classes at Yoga Flame Windsor on Sundays at 5pm (yin yoga) and Yoga Corner in Melbourne’s CBD on Mondays at 5.30pm and 7pm (vinyasa and hot basics).