If you’re anything like me, you’re currently at home facing a serious dilemma: do I eat my feelings and dispatch all of the chocolate I can find or should I use this time to go on the (indoor) health and fitness kick of a lifetime? At the moment, the emotional chocolate smashing is winning the debate.

Not for long, though. Chris Hemsworth – the middle superhero brother of Australia’s favourite family – has a fitness app called Centr, and he wants you to use it. From now until the end of March, he’s making Centr available to all new users for a free six-week trial (it's usually just a one-week trial).

Centr is a fitness and wellbeing platform which launched in February last year. It combines workouts (beginner to advanced) with mindfulness routines and recipe plans. It’s intended to be a convenient one-stop shop for holistic wellbeing. I don’t know about you, but I could use a little bit of that right about now.

“We hope that by making Centr available to everyone for this extended period, we can help even more people stay strong, healthy and find a sense of calm at a time when we all need that the most,” said Hemsworth in a press release.

The app is a subscription-based service, and the cheapest lock-in plan ordinarily costs $120 a year, so this a good deal. The free trial is only available through Centr’s website, so head there to activate it before downloading the app on your mobile.

Offer available until 31 March.