When Lucy Wark first launched Normal last year, she told Broadsheet her ultimate goal was to give women the tools they need to own and embrace their sexuality. At the time, the startup was doing that through a range of sex toys – now it’s launched a full online course on the topic of sex.

The Modern Guide to Sex is 15 (short) video classes long, with each tackling a different topic. The course was designed and hosted by certified sex coach, columnist and author Georgia Grace and includes supplementary ebook content and worksheets.

She chose the topics based on a survey Normal conducted last year of 1000 Australians, which spotted gaps in the country’s sex-education curriculum and what Aussies of all ages, genders and sexualities know about sex.

Only one-third of respondents said they knew how to discuss consent with a sexual partner, while only one in 10 people were taught the difference between sex in porn and in real life. Less than 10 per cent of respondents considered themselves knowledgeable about safe LGBTQIA+ sex.

“Sex education has always been about what not to do – some schools will teach you how to put a condom around a banana, but not how to have sex. We need to educate people on pleasure, emotional connection and intimacy in a way that’s practical and realistic,” Wark says in a statement.

But the respondents’ needs weren’t just about sexual acts and how-tos – they also expressed concerns about body image, confidence in the bedroom and pleasing their partners.

The Modern Guide to Sex tackles all these and more, from the nitty-gritty of finding pleasure spots and having better orgasms to drawing boundaries, communication for better relationships, and the connection between sex and mental health.

“Sex education has become such a neglected part of life despite people wanting to learn more. We all deserve a lot better than trying to learn from porn or Dr Google,” Wark says.

And because Normal believes it’s an important tool that should be accessible to everyone, the startup is making the whole two-hour course and downloadable workbook available for free: all you have to do is sign up to Normal’s newsletter to gain access (you can unsubscribe at any time).

Pair your new knowledge with one of Normal’s devices – if you’re not sure which toy works best for you, Normal has a quiz on its website to help you find what you need, whether it’s classic wand vibrator Charlie, bullet vibrator Frankie, cock ring Flynn or newest toy Billie. The shop also includes lubricant (both water-based and silicon-based) plus a cleaning spray for your gadgets.


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