Australia is entering its sweatier seasons, meaning breezy, loose-fitting clothing and the need for effective deodorants.

Sydney’s Asuvi has the latter – and your pits – covered with its new, all-natural unisex deodorants made without aluminium or animal products. Asuvi’s deodorants come in stylish recycled and recyclable plastic tubes that are designed to be refilled for many seasons.

Its refills are 100 per cent biodegradable, packaged with recycled cardboard on the outside and a special paper to protect the deodorant stick on the inside.

“There were a few refillable deodorants before us, but they have plastic refills, which to us seems to miss the point,” says Asuvi founder Thomas Richard.

Richard, who is from Sydney’s northern beaches, began researching natural deodorants in 2015 after having an allergic reaction to an aluminium-based deodorant. In recent years, many brands have ditched aluminium (used for its pore-blocking properties) in favour of natural alternatives.

“Sweating is a natural bodily function that is not only important for temperature regulation but also as a way for you to release toxins from your body,” says Richard. “[We] believe it’s better to create something that neutralises the odour and soaks up the sweat as opposed to stopping it.”

Some natural deodorants are less effective than others, though, or come in single-use plastic tubes. Richard wanted a product that was both reliable and sustainable. He worked with cosmetic chemists to make the product and a natural perfumer to develop a variety of scents for it.

“I’m not a fan of a lot of the one-dimensional ‘natural’ fragrances such as lemon myrtle or lavender. So we’ve spent a lot of time crafting each natural fragrance using a mix of essential oils and a blend of premium plant extracts,” he says.

“We made more than 100 different versions to get where we are and we’re using ingredients that are new to the deodorant space. We use ingredients such as smooth sunflower wax, absorbent kaolin clay and magnesium.”

Asuvi’s scents include Aqua and Earth, a natural musk and citrus; Elouera, a fresh citrus; and Palm Grove, which is described as “a warm, sweet vanilla and tonka bean”. There is also a sensitive, scent-free option.

Asuvi deodorants cost $22 for tubes and there is free Australia-wide shipping for orders over $15.