Gym memberships and subscriptions to fitness studios are worth spending money on. But when pennies need pinching – like during the current cost-of-living-crisis – they’re often some of the first expenses people cut back on. To keep your fitness goals on track, we asked a series of fitness experts for exercises you can do at home – no equipment needed.

KIC is an app that delivers a whole range of workouts – from high-intensity interval training to programs for the treadmill, yoga classes and equipment-free workouts, as well as meditation programs, nutrition advice and more. (And it’s a bargain, starting at $2.20 a month; get tasters here and here.) This 20-minute exercise will tide you over till you can get back to the gym, and will give you a taster of what KIC offers via its app. After you’ve completed each round of exercises, for 45 seconds each with 15-second gaps in between, repeat.

Whole-body workout

Chin down, push your hips back, force your knees out, and finish with glutes on at the top.

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Sumo squat pulses
Form a wide squat position, pulse between a deep squat and halfway standing.

Hip thrusts
Plant your feet on the ground, push through your heels, squeeze your glutes at the top and slowly control on the way down.

Alternating forward lunges
Step one leg forward, keep your weight through the front heel, chest slightly leaning forward, pelvis tucked back then drop straight down. Push back with your front heel to stand up straight, repeat on the other side.

Mountain climbers
In a plank position bring one knee to your elbow. Keep your back straight and your core engaged. Repeat with the other leg.

Bike crunches
Crunch, twist through your core and drive your shoulder to your opposite hip, then switch sides.

Wall sit
With your feet shoulder-width apart, squat your back against a wall. Keep your legs bent in front of you and the weight through your heels.

Start in a plank position on your hands, keeping your back straight, come down onto your forearms one at a time, then back up to a plank position.

Tricep dips
Palms down, gripping the edge of a dining chair or the side of your couch, lower yourself down until your elbows are at 90 degrees. Exhale to push yourself back up. Extend your legs for an increased workout.

Forearms shoulder-width apart, hold your body straight and level off the ground. Keep your core engaged and don’t let your hips or lower back dip down.

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