Udom House is all about coffee, Thai pies and Thai toast. Thai restaurants are a staple in Australia, but Thai cafes? You don’t see them as often. Here’s hoping that changes. Because once you’ve tried Udom House’s pandan kaya toast (coconut-egg jam on sweet, fluffy bread) with a strong coffee, you’ll want Thai breakfasts to be a regular part of your life, simple as that.

Also worth checking out on the sweet side: the cakes and pastries provided by Bake Terry, which include durian rolls and milky doughnuts. Udom House also serves classic Thai desserts such as ta koh (coconut pudding) and luk chup (sweet lollies that look exactly like miniature fruit).

The savoury food is just as strong. The Thai-inspired pies at Udom House are some of the best you’ll find in Melbourne. They’re certainly some of the most unique. Usually, you’re lucky if a pie nails either the filling or the pastry. The best ones obviously nail both. Udom House’s pastry? Buttery and flaky, with enough structural integrity to keep everything in its place. As for the fillings, they’re phenomenal. Flavours change regularly. When Broadsheet visited, we tried a chicken curry pie packed with spices, pickled carrot and garlic. And a veggie pie with jackfruit, makrut lime leaf, ground sticky rice and chilli paste. All of the complex, deeply flavourful curry pastes are made fresh in-house. To cap it off, there’s a brilliant range of jaffles (go for the chilli paste and pork floss).

Coffee is by Padre. You can get all of the classic coffee drinks, but we recommend choosing something off the iced menu – the a pi rom (two double ristretto shots, milk, Thai tea, crème fraîche and chocolate dust) will leave you very happy. And extremely caffeinated.

It’s all set within a simple, light-washed shopfront full of vintage furniture and posters.

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Updated: April 17th, 2023

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