As temperatures dip and we settle for a frosty few months ahead, it’s warming news that the Peninsula Hot Springs will be welcoming us back in as of Friday June 12.

The steamy Mornington Peninsula attraction temporarily closed due to coronavirus, but we can now defrost and de-stress in its heated mineral pools once again.

The hot springs, which underwent a $13-million expansion in 2018, include a series of geothermal pools, some dotted around an outdoor amphitheatre, others hidden in nooks around the property. Part of the fun is discovering new pools around every turn.

There are also two saunas, though they haven't yet reopened – a traditional one with hot, moist air; and a dry sauna, which is a little less sweaty and more comfortable – but you can access the cold plunge pool (moving from the cold pool to a hot one is said to increase circulation). There’s also a cafe serving snacks, smoothies and more.

Water in the pools is changed over completely every four hours, and drained altogether at the end of each day for a thorough cleaning. For the moment, overall venue capacity is reduced, and there’ll be limits on the number of bathers allowed in each pool.

Peninsula Hot Springs is at 140 Springs Lane, Fingal. Bookings are required.

This article was updated on June 17 to correct a line that stated the saunas were open.