As if there weren’t enough reasons to visit Tasmania during Off Season, here’s another: Qantas is now offering flights between Melbourne and Hobart on a new fleet of planes with better fuel efficiency and increased capacity.

The Boeing Airbus A220 is a greener alternative to the old fleet of 717 aircraft, producing 25 per cent fewer carbon emissions than its predecessor, despite having an additional 27 seats. Another big win: it’s also up to 50 per cent quieter.

The new planes are also an upgrade in the comfort stakes – with bigger overhead lockers, a higher ceiling, more padding in economy class seats and the biggest windows of any single-aisle aircraft in Australia.

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Fast and free wi-fi is available throughout the cabin for streaming on your personal device. Plus, there are USB A and C charging ports in every seat. (Business class seats have an additional wireless charging pad built into the armrest.)

The inaugural flight to Hobart on Monday July 1 was on a plane called Minyma Kutjara Tjukurpa, wrapped in an artwork by senior Pitjantjatjara artist Maringka Baker. The artwork depicts the Dreaming story of two sisters travelling vast distances on Country to find their way home.

Qantas currently offers up to 26 flights between Melbourne and Hobart each week. The A220 will also start flying to Launceston in November 2024.

Tasmania’s 2024 Off Season runs until August 24.