ABV Craft Merchants


bottle shop

Michael Saxon, owner of ABV Merchants, is passionate about stories. His shelves feature an eclectic range of products, from local beers such as 3 Ravens and Sailors Grave, to Jamsheed wines, esoteric Italian vermouths and gin from Sweden. Everything has a story.

ABV also sells a range of bitters, cocktail kits, and a select few books about wine, beer and spirits. It’s the kind of shop to visit if you need to impress your friends with an unusual cocktail or a unexpected ingredient.

Bright blue painted shelves and polished wood give the space a beach-house vibe. This – and simple things such as all signage facing the door and having samples on hand for customers to try before they commit to a bottle – make the store slightly different to its competitors.

Monday Night Craftiness events are education and tasting sessions that involve chefs, brewers and winemakers sharing their stories while visitors taste their products.