BEN’S (Balance Energy Nutrition Sustenance) is a healthy fast-food restaurant with a nutritionist on board. In this kitchen you’ll find nothing that has come in contact with refined sugar, trans fats, hormones or preservatives.

The venue doesn’t look like the kind serving fries at 4am either. Filled with white tables and chairs, 100 per cent recycled timber panelling and an open kitchen, the space’s focal point is a central pillar draped in devil’s ivy creeper, which will grow along the roof to resemble a tree canopy.

The all-day menu of salads, burgers, wraps, pizza, breakfast bowls and smoothies took nearly two years to design, ensuring everything has maximum flavour using ingredients with minimal variation from their natural state.

For example, the burgers’ lean, free-range, grass-fed beef patties are first sous-vide (cooked in a water bath) to seal in fat and flavour, before being browned on a grill. This way the fat content in the mince is high enough to conduct heat through the searing process, so no oil needs to be added to the grill.

The burger is served with your choice of salad and sauce on an organic sourdough bun, a gluten-free bun, or a low-carb bun – all three are baked in-house.

Owner Casey George-Jolson, nutritionist Bannie Williams and executive chef David Selex have also created an online nutrient calculator, which has the nutritional information for every ingredient and item at BEN’s and can help you customise your meal to suit your dietary preferences.

Selex began his career at Grossi Florentino before moving to London to work with Jean-Georges Vongerichten, and at Nobu before opening his own restaurant in Mayfair.

Updated: March 28th, 2019

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