Some suburbs bloom in summer. In partnership with City of Port Phillip, we highlight the warm weather draw of South Melbourne.

South Melbourne is one of city’s most vibrant corridors of food, drink and activity. It’s home to the bustling South Melbourne Market, and blossoms in the warmer seasons as the tight-knit community opens its doors and spills onto the streets between Southbank and the grassy expanses of Albert Park.

The area’s solid cafe contingent keeps the al fresco strips humming during the day. As the sun lowers and hours stretch into evening, bars and restaurants come to life. Enjoy some mussels with one of the pilsners Claypots Evening Star keeps on tap, or walk a few blocks away for snacks and wine at Smalls Bar before an opulent dinner at Lûmé.

Here’s our guide to taking advantage of all South Melbourne has to offer in summer.