Inspired by luxury patisseries in Europe and Japan, LuxBite owners Bernard Chu and Yen Yee whipped up a small space on Toorak Road and transformed it into macaron heaven.

From fruity flavours such as watermelon, raspberry and piña colada; to classics such as chocolate and pistachio; and even fusions such as black sesame, bamboo oolong tea and rose and lychee, the selection of macarons seems endless.

Chu and Yee’s past experiences as chefs at various restaurants means they’re not playing around with what they offer. The macarons are of high standard in presentation and in taste.

In addition of the macarons, LuxBite also offers a range of classic desserts choices such as crème brûlée and rolled cakes, with a twist on the traditional ingredients.

You can enjoy the ultimate dessert experience at the luxurious cafe or take something home in packaging that generally looks as pretty as what is inside.

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