9:30am - 5:30pm
1013 High Street Armadale 3143
(03) 9822 6768

What’s not to like about Gorman? Its stores are eco friendly with cool, calm interiors and matching staff, trees that seem to be growing through the floor and ceiling, and colourful plays on trend with selected zeitgeist-pushing offerings.

The knitwear is always fun, warm and sexy, and the accessories are well-chosen for the customer base. Gorman is smart and savvy, but thankfully avoids any pretension by eschewing fashion's penchant for ridiculous collection titles and deliberate snobbery.

Gorman is a welcome anomaly in any strip or mall, embraced by all and sundry, but still retaining its fashionable edge and avoiding any chain store connotations. Not as easy as you think.

These days, founder Lisa Gorman could be considered a kind of matriarch to the current wave of Australian designers. She has been around for long enough to know what’s what but still has enough nous and credibility to keep the brand on track, and to keep many going back season after season for her newest ideas and developments.

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