Gallery Funaki

10:30am - 5:30pm
4 Crossley Street Melbourne



Gallery Funaki has become a jewellery institution since Mari Funaki opened it in 1995.

The clean, white space showcases contemporary jewellery from Australia and overseas. The work of local jewellers, such as Marian Hosking and Carlier Makigawa, sits beside pieces by Swiss-born Kiko Gianocca and German designer Karl Fritsch. Gallery Funaki’s carefully curated collection is why it is one of the city’s top destinations for unusual wearable pieces.

During the year, there are about eight exhibitions and several project shows. There is also a range of jewellery-specific books and magazines.

Since Funaki’s passing in 2010, owner and director Katie Scott continues to bring international jewellers to Melbourne and to take Australian designers to the rest of the world.