10:00am - 6:00pm
897 High Street Armadale


local designers

Easily located by its giant golden gates, Fiorina, the Melbourne-based silversmith and fine jewellery boutique in Armadale, houses its entire collection within an antique-style interior. Fiorina Golota specialises in a "modern tribal" aesthetic for individual accessories that are reflective of current trends and always seem to be preeminent in keeping up with the look of the minute.

Vintage coins fixed on rings and featured on necklaces are a signature, as well as the use of a combination of colourful and neutral semi-precious stones. Her designs tend to be a well-rounded mix of statement items and accessories that can be worn every day.

A small and exclusive range of gold and rose gold jewellery, including some set with diamonds, mark an elegant addition to Fiorina’s original sterling silver line, which have always been more bold in style, yet maintain a classic and feminine look.