Der Partisan



Der Partisan sits in a strip of shops at the Moreland Road intersection in Brunswick. Inconspicuous in its surroundings, it produces classic European breads and pastries to sell in store and at Bread Box, a stall at Queen Victoria Market.

But these aren’t your standard croissants, sourdoughs and pretzels. Here you’ll find baguettes loaded with seeds and herbs; buns oozing seasonal fruits; and a cheeky face smiling back at you on your rye cobs. Everything is baked that morning using unbleached flours and high quality ingredients.

Blair Pullyblank enjoyed pottery before becoming a baker, and wanted to combine these two passions. Cue the dark-rye bread, otherwise known as the schwarzbrot (black bread in German), Der Partisan’s signature product.

Der Partisan's is a dense, dark rye that’s been baked in a homemade clay bowl with a face carved into it, adding an individual touch. You can choose from a variety of faces, from a moon-faced man, to a curly haired lady, or take home a cob with the bakery’s initials on it.

Pull up a stool near the window, grab a pastry and a Wild Timor coffee to make it a light meal.