Captains of Industry


local designers

Calling ones selves "The Captains of Industry" is no small declaration, but when you’re cut from the hippest cloth Melbourne can offer, you can make this kind of claim. Thom Grogan, of Bobby’s Cuts, and James Robertson, cobbler to the young and well-heeled, operate in an undeniably cool space overlooking Elizabeth Street on Somerset Place. The mix of retail, made-to-order and hospitality is the perfect response to existence from a couple of guys whose lifestyle is all about lifestyle.

Thom has cleverly branded his new made-to-measure travelling suit shop "Statler and Waldorf", after the famous Muppet hecklers. In approximately three weeks Thom will fit and measure you for a well-cut suit in a choice of fabrics from Italy’s Vitale Barberis Canonico or England’s Holland and Sherry. Expect to pay a little more for the English cloth but it is entirely worth it.

Sit and people-watch in style from the street-facing window and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. With an in-store cafe, Captains of Industry could be your one stop shop for all your sartorial and epicurial wants and needs.