Tiamo 2

9:30am - 10:00pm
305 Lygon Street Carlton


dine at the bar
outdoor area
no reservations
good date place

A 1996 extension to the ever-popular Tiamo Coffee next door – Tiamo 2 is all about the pizza and a slightly updated take on Italian favorites. Like the original, there’s a true feel of Italy here, with the bustle of Lygon street-side tables before you head into the streamlined and unfussy interior. The decor is nothing special – but the energy of the staff that really gets this place going.

Set over two levels and a little on the noisy side of an evening – there’s a real family-party atmosphere here, almost like your cousins are serving the pizza and pasta as they yell at your uncle on the other side of the room. As a result of the buoyant, casual approach, service is a bit hit-and-miss, so don’t be surprised if you have to check on items from your order.

House wines line the shelves, while groups sharing pizza elbow one another in the comfortably packed layout. You don’t come here for flashy presentation, you come for a share of the capable Italian fare and cannoli for dessert. And yes the name still means I love you ... and we still do.