Shaanxi-Style Restaurant is set along a strip of small eateries – each with Chinese characters on the signs, tiny English translations and collaged pictures of food on the front windows. But what sets this 70-seater apart from the others is that it specialises in the cuisine of China’s Shaanxi province.

It’s a cuisine that’s known for its snacks, as well as rou jia mo – one of the world’s earliest sandwich styles: it uses a thick, dense flatbread, sliced open and stuffed with meat that’s been cooked in a mix of spices.

Shaanxi-Style also serves heaping bowls of biang biang noodles. The thick-cut wheat noodles are served with three different toppings (scrambled egg and tomato; minced pork and vegetables in a sweet Chinese ketchup; and an umami-heavy soybean paste sauce with a generous drizzle of chili oil). Elsewhere on the menu there’s bread soaked in beef stew; fried chive dumplings; lamb skewers; and eight treasure congee.

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Updated: July 28th, 2023

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