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Let there be no mistake, you come to Ramen Ya for the ramen: wheaty noodles swimming in deep bowls of delicious broth and tangling with a bevy of other additions depending on what takes your fancy. While ramen aficionados might lament that it’s still "not like Japan", it’s widely agreed that these ramen broths are some of the best and there’s even the Japan-like plastic display of other dishes.

With two stores in the CBD (at Emporium and the top of Bourke Street) performing strongly, Ramen Ya plans to franchise.

$10 bowls of ramen pull in the CBD lunch crowd, with a small selection of beers to complement (Asahi and Sapporo). The specialty is tonkotsu charshu (pork broth) ramen from the Hakata region of Japan – so it’s a good place to start.

Otherwise choose your broth, add a topping and then tuck into a paintbox of ramen, with egg, seaweed and pinwheels of seafood artfully floating on top.