Pizza Farro

5:30pm - 11:00am
608 High Street Thornbury



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Suggestive of an Italian farmhouse kitchen, Pizza Farro is more than just a saviour for coeliacs, it’s a homely restaurant furnished with collected sentimentality. Inside, eyes wander to the impressive feature ceiling where 400 collected rolling pins suspend in such a way that you can’t help but allow the stereotypical image of home-style, familial cooking to filter into your head. Collected wooden pizza boards decorate walls in a similar vein, as do vintage tea towels recycled into warming curtains that offset the more primitive open brickwork.

Aesthetically it’s honest to tradition but updated fittingly to suit the creative, discerning eye. In this mould, homemade spelt pastas and wood fired pizzas remain simple and fresh, tweaked only by the addition of low glutinous spelt flour. This ancient non-hybrid grain can also be substituted for a completely gluten free base that benefits from finely ground rice flour.

Pizza Farro stands out from the crowd, running a risk, but ultimately finding its way back to a true Italian kitchen where the values of food preparation and production come through with stunning food and a sentimentally-inspired interior to marvel at.