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298 Rathdowne Street North Carlton

Piques means tidbit. It’s used to describe a choice bit of food in Spanish, and that’s exactly what this place delivers – choice tidbits from Peru and Argentina, created from local ingredients. All presented next to a roaring fire in a place that looks like your fantasy living room.

Shaun Burke and his fellow food-pal, Dave Mills opened Piques after being inspired by their travels through South America. They took their favourite flavours from the trip and brought them together under one roof in North Carlton.

We start with oyster shots with tiger’s milk and coriander, a perfect balance of bright citrus and rich shellfish. Then it’s a starter of Kingfish, aji Amarillo (a hot yellow chili pepper), passionfruit and huacatay (also known as Peruvian Black Mint or Stinking Roger), a moreish fusion of fresh fish and sweet passionfruit. There is also fried, salty provolone cheese with almonds and honey, and the delectable bombshell you wouldn’t usually order but must: flawlessly roasted beef heart with red onion, aji panca (Peruvian red pepper) spices and an aji rocoto (also a type of pepper but resembling more a capsicum) mayonnaise.


  • notable wine list
  • South American