Mr Miyagi

5:00pm - 11:00pm
99 Chapel Street Windsor


notable cocktails

Mr Miyagi looks a little different to the wise, disciplined mentor you remember from The Karate Kid movies. After entering under the ‘Japanese Food & Liquor’ sign, the black grill walkway opens up to reveal polished cement floors, exposed brick walls, a neon heart enveloping a grafitti-scawled ‘Loser’, and a stylish Japanese inspired fit out, which is where the 80s nostalgia ends – well, almost.

The menu is broken into three ‘rounds’, encouraging diners to select dishes from each of the three to share. Round 1 is made up of smaller bites such as edamame and a battered corn with caramel popcorn. Round 2 offers sushi combos, skewers and a whole lot of fishy options. Round 3 is main course-sized portions including a Wagyu beef cheek curry.

The cocktail list screams kawaii with the Hello Kitty Sour and Astro Boy, while Japanese whisky, beer, cider and iced tea are also on offer if you’d prefer not to partake in cute. There’s also a whole menu devoted to sake.