Henrietta's Chicken Shop

11:00am - 10:00pm
Shop 7 Fulham Place Melbourne 3000




Henrietta’s is half restaurant, half local chicken joint. Decked out with reclaimed pallets, rustic metal lampshades and a touch of faux-forestry, the 91-seat venue is casual.

The project is a partnership between Stuart Brookshaw and Ruth Giffney, both formerly of Albert St Food and Wine; chef Daniel Morgan (previously of The Fat Duck); and restaurateur Tim Hocks. With their collective background in fine dining the team is doing restaurant-quality fare. The team says, "it comes down to the dressing, the quality of the produce and the way it’s treated."

That quality is demonstrated in Henrietta’s charcoal chicken, which is injection brined, rubbed with lemon myrtle and native peppercorns, and cooked over Mallee Root from the Grampians. The venue’s entry-level bird is accredited free-range Bannockburn chicken. A little extra investment will get you an organic Milawa chook. Henrietta’s also works with rare-breeders at Milking Yard Farms in Trentham to source some top-end Sunderland birds.

Henrietta’s also serves potato salad and coleslaw. The potato salad is dressed with herby dijonnaise and dried shallots, and the coleslaw in red-wine vinaigrette and sugar-soaked currants. A chicken roll is served with house-made gravy. Corn on the cob is served with coriander, spring onion, paprika and Manchego.

A pithy cocktail list includes Lemon Myrtle Iced Tea and Lemon Barley water. The wine and beer lists are exclusively Victorian.