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After some late night dining? The Toff in Town’s dapper, sexy surrounds are home to Choo Choo's – a Thai-inspired, sharing menu from Karen Baston, the chef behind other late night adventures such as Cookie and Colonel Tan’s at Revolver.

The Toff’s distinctive carriage-like room hasn’t changed. For groups, romantics and private types, closed-door booths still adorn the centre of the venue. But the introduction of Choo Choo’s has brought a more exotic feel, as though you’re taking a rickshaw ride through the sweet, salty, spicy streets of Bangkok.

In the driving seat are knowledgeable staff, who will happily guide you through the menu. Order at the bar, or subtly summon a waiter using the buzzer provided in each booth. Graze through individual bites such as the sugarcane pork and prawn drummettes; a salmon, chilli and lime skewer; or larger dishes to share (perhaps a jungle curry).

Accompanied by The Toff’s strong wine and cocktail list, and a stellar soundtrack of Portishead and Nick Cave, you’ll likely be in the mood for dancing by the end of your meal. Luckily it’s right next door to the band room, so you can dine pre- or post show. Deejays play at The Toff until late.