The Brûlée Cart

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food truck
outdoor area

Run by brothers Bart and Jack White, The Brûlée Cart keeps it pretty simple. The guys have a big cook up the night before using local vanilla, cream and eggs. The nascent brûlée are then refrigerated, before staff whip out the blowtorch to scorch the desserts to order.

Best of all, the brothers bring the brûlée to you – or to your suburb at least – parking their azure caravan on street corners, at festivals and farmers’ markets all around Melbourne. The boys have put a bit of effort into their travelling kitchen too, which sports a pressed-tin roof (just like Paris).

Flavours are seasonal and rotate, but it looks like the classic French Vanilla will remain a constant on the menu.

These guys tend to move around, so be sure to check their Facebook for details on where to find them and their travelling French custard.