Brother Burger South Yarra

12:00pm - 11:00pm
560 Chapel Street South Yarra



The walls of the second Brother Burger outlet (the first one is in Fitzroy) are lined with some 800 antique meat mincers, a testament to owner Marcelo Tummino’s (formerly of The European and Melbourne Supper Club) penchant for a creative challenge. As at Brother Burger Fitzroy, the space feels one-of-a-kind and comfortably lived-in.

South Yarra sticks to the rules established there, such as buns devised with help from flour and yeast companies and baked in-house daily. The patties contain nothing more than full-blood Wagyu mince sourced from Mayura Station in South Australia. For those not interested in beef, there’s burgers made from mung beans, mushrooms, chicken, pork and lamb. And for true blasphemers, several types of salad are available.

But whatever the main, sides and house-made condiments are pretty much mandatory, such as onion rings with chilli jam or fat chips with blue cheese sauce. Finally, there’s 15 beer taps, and a range of alcoholic milkshakes, where rum, tequila and bourbon meet the traditional blue heaven, banana and vanilla flavours.