6:00pm - 12:00am
197 Gertrude Street Fitzroy 3065



dine at the bar
reservations recommended
good date place
notable vegetarian options

Añada is Gertrude Street’s tapas bar. It’s clean and slick – like something straight out of Madrid. The large front windows, industrial lamps, exposed brick and smooth wooden counter and tabletops are typical of the local aesthetic. But it’s what comes out of the kitchen and from behind the bar that brings Añada to life. With a pleasant variety of local as well as Spanish wines, and beers served by a knowledgeable staff, there is rarely an empty glass in the house.

The seafood-heavy menu is split into tiny pieces of tapas on one side and larger raciones on the other. These include plates of Joselito Gran Reserva acorn fed jamon aged for 36 months; paella with chorizo, chicken, diamond clams & saffron; and Pan roasted chermoula chicken with bulgar & sumac. Accompany these with carrots, pistachios, goats cheese & orange blossom and wash it down with some sherry. The Andalucian and Muslim Mediterranean influences are evident in these small dishes that are designed to be shared. But you’ll probably need a few and it’s easy to accumulate a hefty bill here.

Sit on a stool up at the bar, the long share table at the back, or at intimate tables for two and four that are packed nicely into the narrow room. Like in Spain, things here are well considered and make the most of a bustling space, though, due to its popularity, you won’t be able to just drop in here and hang off the bar, so book ahead.