Published on 7th June 2022
by Doug Wallen

Lake and river meet in the twin towns of Yarrawonga and Mulwala, where waterside activities and dining are an everyday blessing. In partnership with Visit Victoria, here’s our guide on where to eat, drink and stay.

The Murray River sports a truly eye-grabbing highlight in Lake Mulwala – a far-reaching, human-made reservoir with bleached treetops still poking out of the water.

Constructed in 1939 to provide irrigation to this farming-focused swathe of North East Victoria, the reservoir also yielded a pair of linked lakeside towns. At the south-western corner of the lake is Yarrawonga. A short drive across a bridge takes you to Mulwala on the New South Wales side of the border. The shorelines are laden with attractions, from fishing, swimming, boating and waterskiing to the Aquazone Waterpark.

If you want to absorb the splendour of the water without getting wet, head to the world-class golf courses, restaurants and parklands wrapped around the river. Celebrated chefs work with local produce and native ingredients, and there’s an array of craft beers and Italian-style wines worth checking out.

Just a three-hour drive from Melbourne – during which you can experience the quirky Silo Art Trail – the two towns offer attractions on land and water all year round, and a relaxed, country vibe.

Here’s what to do in Yarrawonga.

Welcome to Yarrawonga


From sizzling steaks and burgers to iconic Italian dishes and more.


Take a trail of fine produce, stock up on homegrown skincare products, and stroll an alien landscape through a copious collection of cacti.



With expansive Lake Mulwala the epicentre of sibling towns Yarrawonga and Mulwala, waterside dining meets a wealth of outdoor activities here. Venture a little further afield to experience some of the yields of local plant life, from natural skincare products made with olive oil to cactus cake and ice-cream.