Published on 25th July 2017
by Linsey Rendell

Grab a jacket and pack a tote to explore the produce-laden region of South Gippsland. In partnership with Destination Gippsland, here’s our guide on where to eat, drink and stay in the region.

Over the past few years the fertile land of South Gippsland, known as Prom Country, has sprouted many local food champions. Historically, this has been dairy country and it continues to churn out excellent small-batch cheeses, along with high-quality wines from small acreage. But there’s a new wave of dedicated farmers, bakers, vignerons, brewers and provedores setting up shop, and their passion for the region is catching.

It’s only a 90-minute drive from Melbourne to the historic township of Loch. From the city, take the M1 east, before following the South Gippsland Highway deeper into this stunning countryside.

Welcome to Prom Country Gippsland


This region’s cafes are great supporters of local farmers, turning seasonal produce into comforting eats. Always say yes to a cheese course – you’re in dairy country after all.

Olive at Loch


Coffee, home-style meals and scones.

Permanently Closed

Koonwarra Store


Local wine tastings and homey meals in an 1892-built post office.



Take your single origin coffee in a country garden.


The South is lush with excellent liquids. Bookend cool-climate wine tastings with cleansing craft ales and intriguing spirits.

Grand Ridge Brewery


A charming pub with a solar-powered craft brewery downstairs.

Fish Creek Hotel


Steaks, beers and chinwags since 1939.


Take in the south’s idyllic rolling hills and native forest on a two-wheel trail, or opt for a culture-driven itinerary, meeting musicians and potters.


Hole up by a fireplace on a secluded farm, or situate yourself in town close to great country restaurants and live music.


Eating your way around South Gippsland

If you can tear your eyes from the lush landscape, there’s home-style cooking, full-bodied stouts and elegant pinot noirs to discover in this food-centric region.