Top of the Hill

7:00am - 3:00pm
208 High Street Northcote 3070

Top of the Hill is owned by Andrew Chew, Benjamin Stray and Kieran Englert. Between the three of them, they also have Stray Neighbour and Chew Burger (both in Preston). Ryan Taylor runs Brisbane food truck, How We Rolls.

Stray designed and built the elements for the space, previously an art gallery, including the curved plywood ceiling. The counter is flanked by an impressive mural of a jungle-like scene by Melbourne artist, Robert Bowers. It complements the brass-clad counter, where an antique cash register holds pride of place. The reclaimed terrazzo flooring was hard-earned by the team, after a trip to pick it up resulted in three tonnes being hand-loaded and transported back to Melbourne.

The menu by Ryan Taylor is refreshing in its simplicity. It has five well-considered sandwiches and some specials. The team wanted to keep the food offerings streamlined; a few good things done well. The cafe’s signature sandwich is the Georgia Reuben, packed with house-brined pastrami, slaw, “10 billion sauce” (a spin on Thousand Island) and pickles. There are also pastries from Noisette and coffee by Clement.