Occupying a vacant space in the foyer of Crown, The Waiting Room is laid out to accommodate seating and standing for a party-like atmosphere. There is no lack of grandeur here at The Waiting Room, a characteristic we’ve come to expect from the Neil Perry stable.

Open from brunch until late, both the food and beverage menus change throughout the day to reflect the time. Brunch is matched with delicious items well accompanied with drink, inlcuding beer cocktails for those sunny days. These evolve into larger dishes with a cocktail list that focuses on classics with some ingenious re-interpretations. The menu appears to have a decidedly Mexican inspiration (think quesadillas) and is delivered from its own kitchen, despite being only metres away from the Rockpool Bar and Grill.

The staff have been selected from a line up of the city’s best venues and you can be sure that this venue will land on its feet when the doors open at around 3pm tomorrow.