St Kilda's nightlife will receive a boost with the resurrection of the St Hotel by Paul Nguyen and Simon Blacher, the same duo behind Hanoi Hannah, Saigon Sally and the upcoming Tokyo Tina.

Like their previous haunts, the revitalised spot will offer modern Asian food in a relaxed environment. "When the Saint started 12 years ago, it was more of a nightclub or bar-type offering," Nguyen says. He was a partner in the sprawling venue back then, when it was a Sunday-night institution for early-twenties club kids. "I think the market's changed since then,” he says. "People no longer wait until after midnight before going out.”

The new St will bring in the early-evening crowd with Thai food from chef Sean Judd (Longrain, Chin Chin) priced at $5 to $25, including Chiang Mai hot dogs, caramel pork hock and stir-fried mud crab. Cocktails will also figure prominently.

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The two-storey venue will be divided into four distinct spaces: public bar, dining room, a swanky lounge named The Supper Club and a 200-patron nightclub with a 3am license. Two 20-seat rooms will cater to private diners. Opening is slated for late October.

St Hotel
54 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda