It doesn’t get much more farm-to-plate than Raven’s Creek Farm. Named for the creek that flows through it, the 90-acre property functions as a working farm with an on-site cafe. The former has some impressive clients, including Geelong venues Tulip, Little Green Corner and fine-diner Igni.

Husband and wife duo Hayden and Jasmin Findlay moved to the family property, owned by Hayden’s parents, in 2009. Previously inhabited only by cows and calves, the idyllic farm has since become home to thousands of sheep, pigs, chickens and bees.

The cafe exists to showcase everything the surrounding land produces. This isn’t your average farmhouse affair that exclusively deals in tea and scones. Instead, the menu features dishes such as wholegrain risotto; pumpkin pancakes with pepita praline; and chilli and coriander omelette. Nearly every ingredient comes from the farm itself, and what can’t be sourced there is found as locally as possible.

The cafe is simple and functional, housed in what could easily be mistaken for a shearing shed. Plywood shelves show off the produce of local makers. A fridge holds fresh cuts of Raven’s Creek bacon and beef for purchase. Large windows look out to the berry orchard that sits next to the cafe, where you can pick your own in the summer months.

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Updated: November 13th, 2017

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