Best Takeaway Ramen in Melbourne

Updated August 13th, 2021


Winter in Melbourne can be miserable at the best of times. Throw in a pandemic – and the lockdowns, cancelled plans and half-hearted Zoom calls that come with it – and you’re practically guaranteed a rough time.

Good food can help and thankfully, most of the city’s restaurants are open for takeaway. But if you and lasagne are on a break, and you’ve stopped seeing eye-to-eye with pad thai, consider a big, hearty bowl of ramen on your next takeaway night.

Ramen’s the ideal winter soup: rich, protein-packed broth; carb-y noodles that are heavy on slurp; garnishes galore. Plus, it reheats better than many other takeaway options and is highly customisable to your own taste. Ramen houses across town are still open, and many of them deliver. Here are the best of the bunch.

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Looking for something specific?

  • These soups are sold in nifty DIY kits. With minimal effort, you can prepare your ramen at your leisure and it’ll taste like it’s just come from the kitchen (which it will have). The menu has something for everyone – toppings include pork belly (shoyu or yuzu shio soup), a beef tan tan men, and a barbeque chicken miso. There’s also a great miso-tofu vegetarian ramen. Place your order before 6pm this Friday for next-day pick-up or delivery Saturday.

  • Shop Ramen’s Preston kitchen is also at full pelt. You can pick up your order from this location too.

  • This is one of several Hakata Gensuke outposts, but it has an exclusive ramen the others don’t: aka tonkotsu, a mixture of pork broth and spicy cod roe paste. It’s worth a go. Cod roe pops up elsewhere on the menu too, as it’s a staple ingredient in ramens from the Hakata ward of Fukuoka on Japan’s southernmost island. Order here. Delivery is also available through the major platforms.

  • Carlton’s Hakata Gensuke outlet also has its own specialty: shoyu ramen, which involves a tonkotsu broth delicately blended with soy sauce. Order pick-up here. As at Hawthorn, this Hakata is on all of the big delivery apps.

  • Its locations may be closed this time around, but Shujinko lives on in pop-up form on Elizabeth Street. Order ready-made or kit versions of Shujinko’s signature ramens, or spring for one of the jazzy lockdown specials involving either truffle or lobster. You can endlessly customise these with extras, too – just be sure to add some chicken karaage or gyoza on the side.

  • In addition to a great range of classic ramen, Shyun Ramen Bar has a substantial line-up of dry-sauce ramens – noodles and toppings minus the broth, which resemble pasta dishes somewhat. Check the menu and call (03) 8394 5971 for pick-up orders. If you’re after delivery, Shyun is on all the major platforms.

  • This Smith Street diner has a versatile menu of Japanese classics – from katsu curries to bento boxes – but the ramen is particularly worthwhile. There are two options available (a shoyu style and a tan tan men), both of which can be made vegetarian. The salon is jumping on the cook-at-home format with its own kits.

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  • Further down Smith Street, Neko Neko also has an unusual ramen roster. Ramen traditionally relies on the collagen in boiled animal bones to provide the thick creaminess for its broth. But in recent years, vegan ramen has made great strides towards replicating that richness using plant-based products. All-vegan diner Neko Neko is at the forefront of that push in Melbourne. Its tan tan, shoyu and spicy tofu options are excellent in their own right, regardless of whether or not you’re vegan. Delivery available through the major platforms or pickup from the restaurant.

  • Also in Fitzroy, Gertrude Street’s Tamura Sake Bar has once again flipped the switch and put together a lockdown menu. In addition to Teishoku and a luxe uni-starring bento box, there’s a lone ramen and a soupless mazesoba on offer. See the menu here. To order, call (03) 9417 1992 or text your order to 0488 210 011. Pick-up from the bar or delivery on the major platforms.

  • “Keep calm, eat ramen” is this MidCity noodle joint’s calling card – a fine prescription even at the best of times. Known for creamy, Hakata-style ramen, Mr Ramen San is doing a parred-back selection for takeaway and delivery. Its partnered with all the major delivery apps, but it’s also doing its own rounds for no extra charge. Find your suburb in the weekly delivery roster here.