Anyone can make a toasted sandwich or jaffle (i.e. a toasted sandwich with crimped, sealed edges). Slap together some bread, cheese and whatever else you like, and it's ready to rock.

But as good as the average homemade toastie is, it's got nothing on the sangas at these spots. Leave the house and you'll be rewarded with fancy cheeses, handmade sourdough and even a Bolognese filling.

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Maker & Monger


Ever had a fondue toastie? This cheese-centric spot at Prahran Market offers toasties made with boutique cheeses from around the world.

Shop 98, Prahran Market 163 Commercial Rd, Prahran

Harper & Blohm Brunswick


What’ll it be? A classic three-cheese oozing with cheddar, gruyere, raclette and caramelised onion? Or maybe a mushroom, taleggio, truffled pecorino and rosemary?

365 Sydney Road, Brunswick

Hector’s Deli


Every sandwich here is good, but the best toastie? It's a tie between the classic ham, cheese and tomato and the tuna melt.

94 Buckingham Street, Richmond



This late-night laneway bar serves up bolognaise jaffles until 3am.

Mornane Place, Melbourne

Token Toasties


Hot-pink signage marks the spot at this vegan-friendly sanga spot, where the walls are plastered with rock’n’roll merch and the sandwich names are riffs on songs (like the Reuben Tuesday). Also, these toasties start at just $9.

385 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Smith & Deli


Grab a tray and shuffle down the cafeteria-style counter for hot vegan brekkies, daily salads and desserts. Or hit the vegan deli and carvery for vegan cold cuts, sandwiches, pantry items and more.

107 Cambridge Street, Collingwood

Wild Life Bakery


Inside this striking converted warehouse, you'll find an almost entirely vegetarian menu. Get the kimchi and cheddar toastie. It will ooze. It will make you very happy.

90 Albert Street, Brunswick East

Butchers Diner


Late night burgers, steak sandwiches and duck-heart yakitori.

10 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Beneath Driver Lane


This cavernous, underground bar has Reuben and raclette cheese toasties served on Rustica sourdough bread.

2 12 Driver Lane, Melbourne

Bad Frankie


An all Australian bar which is home to the famous lamington and Anzac biscuit jaffles.

141 Greeves Street, Fitzroy

Kelso’s Sandwich Shoppe


Start with a grilled cheese which stacks mozzarella, cheddar, gruyere and add your favourite extras including bacon, pickles and onions.

271 Johnston Street, Abbotsford

Uncle Drew Cafe


Regulars love the The Uncle Drew’s – shaved ham, pulled pork, manchego, pickles, Dijon mustard and creme fraiche.

23 Groom Street, Clifton Hill

Aphro & Wolfe


Has a dedicated toastie window which serves meal-sized toasties. Aphro’s twist on a classic Reuben is not to be missed.

566 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy North

Wide Open Road


This café and roastery is home to the perfect golden crusts of the bacon toastie. It is filled with provolone, smoked mozzarella and apple-and-chilli relish.

274 Barkly Street, Brunswick



This espresso bar has an extensive toastie menu. Favourites include the BBQ kimchi, vegan mushroom and sauerkraut toastie.

11 Hope Street, Brunswick