Best Themed Bars in Melbourne

Updated December 6th, 2019


Each of these bars trades in kitsch – that enigmatic balance of theatre, irony and lack of self-seriousness that separates a themed bar from merely an influenced one.

To really pull off a themed bar, it takes a whole-hearted commitment across the staff, decor, music and drinks. But when it works, as with these bars, your drinking experience will truly be lifted.

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  • Check your everyday life at the door – it’s pure fantasy at Melbourne’s favourite tiki bar. There’s bamboo, leopard print and tiki statues everywhere. If you can’t get a good Painkiller, Zombie or Mai Tai here, you can’t get it anywhere.

  • Toast Valhalla and all things Norse here.

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  • Drinking in post-war opulence on the West side or soviet grunge on the East side? It's your choice at Berlin.

  • A fairytale themed bar, from the owners of Pawn & Co. and 29th Apartment.

  • Ever wanted to eat a steak in front of a taxidermied animal?

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  • At this pawn-shop themed bar, the lines are blurred: you can buy a lot of the second-hand goods on display here.

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  • Chairman Mao, communist propaganda, cocktails? Far more fun (and inoffensive) than it sounds.

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  • Juvenile mini-golf gets an adult makeover at this insane bar.

  • An over-the-top garden party – set in an exaggerated rooftop tennis club.

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  • Tiki bars will never go away, and this Richmond incarnation is Melbourne's proud standard-bearer.

  • Golden Monkey’s sister venue offers a refined offering of rum and dumplings.