Best Tacos in Melbourne

Updated 6 months ago


Remember when tacos came in a cardboard box?

Thankfully, those days are past us. Melbourne's new breed of taquerias is much more faithful to Mexico. At these spots, you can expect to find real-deal nixtamalised corn tortillas, imported chillies and vibrant house-made salsas. And the best bit? No knives or forks required.

  • Melbourne's most popular Mexican restaurant. Of course the tacos are excellent.

  • Try the mushroom and huitlacoche (corn fungus) taco.

  • There's a compact tortilla factory on site.

  • Not only are these tacos good, you can get them until 3am every day of the week.

  • Eleven choices, from prawn to roast pumpkin.

  • This small, modestly decorated restaurant sits on a stretch of road best known for horrendous traffic. Yet the food is entirely legit. Go for the excellent, generously stacked tacos: with pork *al pastor* and charred pineapple; slow cooked beef; and deep-fried flathead with cabbage slaw and chipotle mayo. Wash it all down with a Mexican beer or a classic Margarita.

  • Los Hermanos is in permanent residency.

  • Roasted cauliflower and smoked-cashew salsa. Yes.

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  • José has one commandment: "make fresh corn tortillas each day."

  • Where vegetarians and vegans have all the fun.

  • This lively cantina is all about home-style Mexican. Expect beef tacos exactly how they’re served in Mexico, prawn-and-chorizo tamales and a jiggly chocolate flan. Plus: eight different Margaritas and hard-to-find agave spirits.

  • Six meaty options and four veggie options. Everybody wins.

  • At this lively taqueria from the team behind Superchido, confit beef-brisket and birria tacos arrive on your table in about four minutes, warm and crisp. It’s speedy service – just like in Mexico City.

  • Hit this neon-lit Mexican bar for tacos and burritos loaded with pork belly, spiced chicken or mixed veggies. Devour your tacos in the cactus-lined courtyard or spacious dining hall, or climb to the rooftop for easy-drinking Margaritas and cold Mexican beers.

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