Best Pubs in Fitzroy

Updated September 29th, 2022


Most of Fitzroy’s oldest pubs were first licensed in the mid-1860s – The Napier, The Standard and The Marquis of Lorne to name a few – and it’s a credit to those pubs and their dedicated operators that they’re still among the best in the suburb.

Fitzroy’s pubs – like all good pubs – play a strong role in the local community. The Workers Club and The Evelyn host gigs featuring up-and-comers alongside established acts; gastropubs such as The Rose and Andrew McConnell’s Builders Arms serve as both meeting places and slightly elevated restaurants; and party pubs such as The Rochester just bring the good vibes.

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  • This classic pub – which has stood on its corner for over 150 years – is one of Melbourne's best. The three-level hotel is the ideal place for a good feed or a knock-off pint in the sun, whether you're downstairs in the front bar, upstairs in the dining room, or soaking in rays on the rooftop.

  • Locals get a little misty-eyed when you mention the Napier, such is the respect for this backstreet corner pub. Decked out in pressed metal and a hodgepodge of Australiana kitsch, it’s the kind of local every suburb should have. The menu here is pure comfort, and the daily specials often hit double digits.

  • Fitzroy is dense with community pubs, but The Standard commands one of the suburb’s fiercest followings. Rusted-on locals pack the all-weather beer garden (the owners claim it’s the biggest in Melbourne), and the exposed-brick front bar feels warm and lived in.

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  • Previously known as The Rochester Castle this place has never lost its party pub reputation. DJs own the place on weekends, but the menu of slick pub favourites means it’s equally suited for a quiet midweek feed. It also has plenty of indoor and outdoor spaces to choose from.

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  • Under the stewardship of star chef Andrew McConnell, this classic bar and dining room in a heritage building feels as vital as ever. Throw back easy-drinking lagers and cocktails with a burger or the rotisserie of the day.

  • Veteran chef Sean Donovan has taken the historical hotel back to its roots with a casual front bar, two separate dining rooms, and an untouched wine cellar. The cuisine blends classic French technique with Australian barbeque.

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  • A comfortable and understated local pub with live music.

  • An archetypical inner-city pub in the back streets of Fitzroy.

  • A live music staple in the centre of Fitzroy.

  • The proverbial rose between thorns, Fitzroy’s oldest pub is one for the old guard and the new. You’ll find footy fans gathered around the TV in the bar on game days, amid walls lined with AFL memorabilia. When the vibe is right, it feels like you’ve got 100 mates, 16 beer taps and better-than-usual food in your own lounge room.

  • The best-named pub in town is focused squarely on two of Fitzroy’s biggest obsessions: live music and beer. There’s no kitchen or TV here, making it a no-frills hangout with good local tunes, lively conversation and many games of pool.

  • A historic Fitzroy pub with a modern interior.