Best Late-Night Eats in Melbourne

Updated 2 months ago


We’ve got nothing against a cheeky late-night kebab or a greasy fast-food burger. But Melbourne being the late-night city it is, there are plenty of other worthwhile options after 11pm – even if you’re in the mood to sit down. Here are our go-tos, from midnight ramen joints to clubs serving pizza and fried chicken.

Looking for something specific?

  • Small, lively and theatrical, this barbeque-powered restaurant is a top spot to try dishes from all over Thailand. Best of all, it’s firing until 1am every night.

  • Offering no-nonsense Cantonese dining in the heart of the CBD, Ling Nan has been satisfying Melbourne’s late-night cravings for around three decades. New location, same must-order XO pippies.

  • The cheeseburger at this cool little diner is excellent and costs less than $10, so you might want to reconsider that midnight Macca’s run. There are also steak sangas, snacks and a whole lot more on the menu.

  • On Friday and Saturday, Gimlet’s supper menu is hard to beat. Expect oysters, caviar, cheeseburgers and fancy steaks from 10pm.

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  • The only thing more joyous than a plate of spaghetti at midnight might be something like, say, a piping-hot jaffle filled with bolognaise sauce. Believe it or not, this classic spot serves both.

  • A Melbourne institution that’s open until 2.30am every night. Come here for affordable and filling Cantonese food without the frills.

  • A sibling duo are behind this snug Cambodian restaurant, and they want to help Melburnians get better acquainted with dishes from their homeland. Visit for stir-fried “pin” noodles, fragrant rice-noodle soups and more, served until late.

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  • Snacks, cheese and charcuterie until 3am every night. Also, heftier items such as kransky rolls filled with bacon, mustard and sauerkraut; and very good burgers.

  • It’s hard to imagine the CBD without this Greek institution. Its classic giros platters and souvlaki have been lining the stomachs of late-night revellers since 1978, and not much has changed. They’re available until 2am every Friday and Saturday.

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  • Walk down the nondescript staircase and let your eyes adjust. There’s no natural light at this moody French bar and bistro – but there is steak frites and one of Melbourne’s best burgers. You can get both well after midnight.

  • Melbourne’s undisputed malatang king has locations all over the city, but only this one will numb your tongue and clear your sinuses at 2am in the morning.

  • Shujinko’s kitchen used to run at full steam, 24-hours a day. Trading hours are a little more conservative these days, but you can still drop in for a bowl of the city’s best tonkotsu ramen every Friday and Saturday till 11pm.

  • This subterranean cantina’s full menu of tacos and sides is available until 1am on weekends. And it stays up pretty late during the rest of the week.

  • If you’re really into burgers, tick Leonard’s off the list. This ’70s log cabin-themed burger bar serves some of Melbourne’s best. Expect American-style burger combos centred around beef, chicken, mushroom and vegan pattys. It’s also dog-friendly, so your furry friend might be begging tableside for a bite.

  • Whether you’re capping off the night or kicking on, a slice of pizza and a cheeky Americano never goes astray. This sharp Italian joint is an excellent spot for either mood – just make sure to book ahead.

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  • Open late for Thai-inspired drinking food all week long. Think DIY Betel leaf “bliss bombs”, drunken noodles, jungle curries and more.

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  • New York-style slices served on paper plates until 11.30am on weekdays, and 1am on Fridays and Saturdays.

  • Charcuterie and cheese until late, plus expert cocktails beyond that.

  • A late night list of tacos, "hell yeah" share plates and Mexi-inspired bowls to keep you in check.

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  • Moody blues and dark spirits rule at this cavernous, below-ground bar. Descend the stairs on Driver Lane for an extensive cocktail list, short-order French snacks and fancy toasties served till extra late. Or proceed to the intimate whisky cellar for a private tasting.

  • There are still constant queues during the dinner rush at this buzzing Thai diner. The pay-off is some of Melbourne’s best (and spiciest) Thai food, including more than a dozen kinds of papaya salad, a crowd-pleasing tom yum with instant noodles and mookata, the signature hotpot-barbeque hybrid.

  • The entirely halal diner specialises in Gansu cuisine from northern China. In particular, deeply comforting Lanzhou beef noodle soups with a clear, consommé-like broth and hand-pulled wheat noodles available in nine different widths.

  • Find easy-drinking cocktails, blistering pizzas and veteran hospitality at this neighbourly bar in a converted warehouse. Franklin’s has a 3am license, so there’s plenty of time to explore the selection of whiskies, cocktails and Victorian beers.