Melbourne would be a very different place today if not for a small piece of legislation passed in 1994, which allowed bars to operate without serving food. This was a revelation for a city still living in the shadow of the temperance movement.

The law was passed for the benefit of the newly built Crown Casino, but it also drew young, cash-strapped bar owners to Melbourne’s dingy laneways, starting an unintentional revolution. The setup is familiar today: turn a few unlit corners, pass a stinking dumpster, push through an unmarked door and suddenly, you're in a plush cocktail den.

Even with advent of the internet, Google Maps and city guides such as Broadsheet, the thrill of finding these bars – or better yet, the cultural cache of knowing them already – has barely dimmed.

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Above Board


Walk down an alleyway that's not even listed on Google Maps. Enter an unmarked door. Ascend a flight of stairs. Congratulations, you've found this 16-seat cocktail bar with echoes of Japan.

Level 1 306 Smith Street (access through Chopper Lane), Collingwood

Bar Americano


Matt Bax has always had a penchant for odd or difficult spaces, and this standing-room-only bar dedicated to classic cocktails is no exception. It's hidden just past the bend in Presgrave Place.

20 Presgrave Place, Melbourne

Bar Margaux


Walk down the nondescript staircase and let your eyes adjust. There’s no natural light at this bistro – that’s why it’s so easy to lose track of time.

Basement 111 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

Pizza Pizza Pizza


Classic pizzas out front; one of Melbourne’s best-kept secrets out back.

16 Meyers Place, Melbourne

Lay Low Bar


Expert cocktails and Greek snacks hidden inside a clothing store.

93 Buckley Street, Seddon
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New Gold Mountain


Just look for the red door to find Double Happiness's Chinese-themed sister bar.

21 Liverpool Street, Melbourne
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Goldilocks Bar


Enter Mr Kwok on the ground floor, then climb to the fourth floor to get a piece of this relaxed rooftop.

Level 4 264 Swanston Street, Melbourne



Walk up to the second floor, ring the doorbell and hope there's room in this East and West Berlin-themed bar.

2nd floor (please ring the bell) 16 Corrs Lane, Melbourne

Hell's Kitchen


Next to the Jungle Juice Bar, look for the kegs stacked outside an open doorway, with stairs beyond. Upstairs, a homey, no-frills bar awaits.

Level 1 20a Centre Place, Melbourne

Boston Sub / Jungle Boy


A late-night sub shop with a tropical-themed cocktail bar hidden behind a coolroom door.

96 Chapel Street, Windsor

Ponyfish Island


This relaxed spot takes the prize for hiding in plain sight – it's floating in the middle of the Yarra, under the Southbank Footbridge.

Southbank Pedestrian Bridge , Southgate