Best Healthy Cafes in Melbourne

Updated 3 months ago


There's a lot of conflicting information when it comes to health. It seems like every month a new diet, ingredient or philosophy comes along, claiming to be better than all the rest. We don't have the answers. What we do have is a list of cafes where health is always kept front of mind. At these spots, fresh fruit, veggies and other unprocessed ingredients are the stars. In other words, food everyone can agree is good for you.

  • Masterfully marries Japanese cuisine with fresh Australian seafood in an easy, grab-and-go setting. Build your own poke or salad bowl, or trust the experts. Fans come back for the salmon, tuna and inventive combinations (think tofu and cucumber with tamari almonds and shallots).

  • Start with a chicken or shitake-and-miso broth, then pick-and-mix sides such as bok choy, enoki mushrooms, bean shoots, Thai basil and miso-glazed eggplants.

  • At this healthy cafe from a former boxing world champion – choose from a cup of coffee or broth.

  • A healthy cafe with an eye on current trends.

  • Get a fix of vitamin D along with all the other important nutrients.

  • The fourth cafe from the man behind Sardi and Muharam.

  • Where health fanatics and sweet tooths are catered for equally.

  • Takeaway for the post-gym crowd.

  • All about balance.

  • Healthy, balanced eating without the faddish extremes.

  • Healing, vitality and longevity.

  • There's nothing quite like this raw caramel slice.

  • Making you happier, one bite at a time.

  • Your five-a-day sorted.

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  • A hidden brick cubby house serving up raw, veggie delights.

  • Monk Bodhi Dharma's intolerance-friendly northside sister.

  • Raw to the core.

  • Started as a blog. Now it's here.

  • One of Melbourne's largest health food stores, this vast warehouse is jam-packed with pesticide-free fruit and veg, eco-friendly cleaning and beauty products, and even organic booze. There's also a cafe serving gut-friendly meals, carob-mushroom hot chocolates and more.

  • As healthy or unhealthy as you need it to be.

  • Housed in two heritage Victorian buildings in the south, you’ll find massage, yoga, health consultants and a health-focused cafe with nourishing meals and hot Market Lane coffee.