Best Doughnuts in Melbourne

Updated 11 months ago


We've come a long way since the days of flying home from Sydney Airport with a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts on our laps. These days, Melbourne has a wealth of proper doughnut shops making rings fresh every day. Whether you like them yeasted or cakey, glazed or filled, there's somewhere in Melbourne doing it. Here are our favourites.

  • These not-too-sweet doughnuts weigh in on the large side, so you may only have room for one. We suggest ordering the classic Don Homer, a vibrant pink ring Mr Simpson would surely drool over.

  • This shop can fairly lay claim to starting Melbourne's doughnut renaissance, back when it was a pop-up at the Mercat Cross Hotel. Over the years it's built up at least 30 recipes and around 10 are available on a given day. Now with locations in Fitzroy and Brunswick.

  • How's this for dedication? Prior to opening, owner Anthony Ivey stacked on six kilos in 16 days eating as many of the USA's best doughnuts as he could find, all in the name of, uh “research”. In addition to the usual yeasted variety, this is one of the few spots in town serving crullers and cake doughnuts.

  • Melbourne’s first doughnut shop still has it. Find the vintage bus at the Queen Victoria market and you’ll soon know why it’s been rolling since 1950.

  • Crullers aren't technically doughnuts, but they're too similar not to go in here. Imagine a doughnut crossed with French choux pastry: the result is twisty and crispy on the outside, and not at all what you’d expect on the inside.

  • You know this small chain of delis for its sangas, but how about its doughnuts, made in-house? Just one simple flavour (like a maple syrup glaze) is available at a time and it changes regularly, but the one constant is the perfectly airy, cloud-like crumb inside.

  • This bakery made its name with doughnuts, but now sells a full range of goods, from sourdough bread to flaky croissants.

  • This spot pairs traditional Greek loukoumades (fried, dangerously moreish balls of dough) with unorthodox toppings such as crushed Oreo, white chocolate and Nutella. The franchise has four locations in Melbourne (Carlton, West Melbourne, Windsor and Roxburgh Park), or you can order online here.

  • This chain of bakeries has locations in South Yarra, Maribyrnong and the CBD, all equally good for picking up a fresh doughnut or cronut, perhaps flavoured with lime, coconut and marshmallow.

  • It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this rooftop burger bar does a cracking doughnut – Easey’s specialises in all things deep-fried. These ones are made to order and are the perfect tack-on to a burger meal, whether you have the stomach room for it or not. Order here.

  • Fluffy, light and elegant Italian-style doughnuts are just one of this bakery's many highlights.

  • This Dandenong Markets fixture is unmistakable: you could spot the distinctive gold-and-purple van from a mile away. It’s all about piping hot jam doughnuts here, dusted with silly amounts of sugar.

  • Greek-influenced doughnuts in one of Melbourne's Hellenic strongholds.

  • Wear your stretchy pants and pair a red-velvet doughnut with an apple-pie shake.

  • Staples at this renowned bakery include lemon custard, rhubarb and salted caramel.