Best Chocolate Shops in Melbourne

Updated April 7th, 2022


The Swiss and Belgians have long had a stranglehold on the production of quality chocolate. And while many shops in Melbourne still work with couverture chocolate imported from Europe, a smaller number of operators have brought the entire process in-house, with impressive results.

We’re already a world leader when it comes to coffee, and there are many parallels between the two industries: the beans come from the same regions, both products involve fermentation and roasting, and even share terminology such as “single origin”.

In compiling this list, we haven’t discriminated between shops that re-mould European chocolate and those that actually roast, winnow and grind their own cacao beans – all we’re interested in is that the finished product is up to scratch. And in that respect, there’s plenty to choose from.

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  • A single bar of chocolate takes four weeks and eight steps to make - and you can watch the entire bean-to-bar process through glass screens separating the kitchen from the attractive blue-and-white dining space.

  • French-born chocolatier Charles Lemai works in a transparent kitchen set at a chocolate-friendly 20 degrees Celsius. You can bet everything here – from the single origin drinking chocolate to the whipped-cream meringue sandwiches – are made on site.

  • Celebrity chef Darren Purchese's own sweet studio in South Yarra. The multi-level store is a wonderland for the senses, where you can pick up kaleidoscopic cheesecakes, “explosive” desserts and artfully-shaped blocks of single-origin chocolate.

  • A minimal industrial space where brothers Harry and Charlie Nissen craft their highly refined chocolate. Single-origin cacao nibs, coconut sugar, cacao butter are the only three ingredients used to create each unique flavour profile.

  • What separates this store from the average chocolate cafe is its experimentation with a range of exotic flavours, without producing chocolate too rich or sickly sweet. Find single-origin bars, fruit and nuts “enrobed” in couverture chocolate, and Faberge-inspired eggs at Easter time.

  • A dessert boutique showcasing petits gâteaux, macarons and more by Chez Dré next door. If you can’t get your chocolate fix from the neat retail section, two chocolate taps sit ready to coat your ice cream.

  • Hot chocolate brewed with the same principles found in the specialty coffee realm. Cocoa beens are traced from origin to cup, ensuring the highest quality and ethical standards.

  • The Melbourne-born chocolatier's sleek flagship has a dedicated bar for hot chocolates and chilled drinks made with all-natural ingredients. But you'll also find croissants, cakes, cookies and 40-plus pralines; and a chocolate wall filled with around 700 blocks.