Thornbury has a more suburban feel than its southern neighbour, Northcote. You'll notice the difference at any of these small, modestly appointed cafes. The pace is a little bit slower, and early in the day, there are always more kids about.

This isn't the suburb to eat if your breakfast is destined for Instagram – these cafes are more concerned with nailing the classics than inventing the next big thing. Likewise, when it comes to coffee, established roasters and tried-and-tested blends are generally favoured over upstarts and obscure single origins.

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This 130-seat space is full of warm hues and natural materials. Whether you're sitting on a sleek leather banquette or you've got a table in the large outside courtyard, there are no dud spots here. On the menu, you'll find a range of inventive Middle Eastern-inflected dishes, many of which showcase vegetables.

637 High Street, Thornbury

Rat the Cafe


A neighbourhood specialty coffee shop and eatery in the backstreets of Thornbury.

72 Wales Street, Thornbury

Ampersand Coffee and Food


Take a seat in the front room if you want to enjoy the cafe's community spirit. Alternately, head to the leafy courtyard for some quiet.

863 High Street, Thornbury

Umberto Espresso Bar


A recently expanded espresso bar serving hearty Italian fare with a warm, local feel.

917 High Street, Thornbury

Brother Alec


A relaxed owner-run cafe.

719 High Street, Thornbury

Short Round


A Thornbury cafe that epitomises the concept of a local haunt.

731 High Street, Thornbury

Jerry Joy


Jerry Joy believes eating out should be easy for everyone, whether you have a food allergy or a pram.

128 Mansfield Street, Thornbury

The Old Milk Bar


You didn’t get matcha pancakes and Wagyu brioche burgers in the ’70s.

144 Dundas Street, Thornbury

Little Henri


A spacious eatery with a wealth of breakfast and lunch options.

848 High Street, Thornbury

Northern Soul


A down to earth cafe at the Thornbury end of High Street.

843 High Street, Thornbury

Casa Nata


At this dedicated house of Portuguese tarts, watch your “pastéis de nata” be made, then eat them fresh from the oven – flaky, silky and with a touch of cinnamon.

846 High Street, Thornbury

Little Tienda


This sunny Thornbury cafe marries flavours from Mexico and southern California.

410 Station Street, Thornbury