Thornbury has a more suburban feel than its southern neighbour, Northcote. You'll notice the difference at any of these small, modestly appointed cafes. The pace is a little bit slower, and early in the day, there are always more kids about.

This isn't the suburb to eat if your breakfast is destined for Instagram – these cafes are more concerned with nailing the classics than inventing the next big thing. Likewise, when it comes to coffee, established roasters and tried-and-tested blends are generally favoured over upstarts and obscure single origins.

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Rat the Cafe

A neighbourhood specialty coffee shop and eatery in the backstreets of Thornbury.

72 Wales Street, Thornbury

Ampersand Coffee and Food

Take a seat in the front room if you want to enjoy the cafe's community spirit. Alternately, head to the leafy courtyard for some quiet.

863 High Street, Thornbury

Umberto Espresso Bar

A tiny espresso bar serving hearty Italian fare with a warm, local feel.

822 High Street, Thornbury

Brother Alec

A relaxed owner-run cafe.

719 High Street, Thornbury

Short Round

A Thornbury cafe that epitomises the concept of a local haunt.

731 High Street, Thornbury

Jerry Joy

Jerry Joy believes eating out should be easy for everyone, whether you have a food allergy or a pram.

128 Mansfield Street, Thornbury

The Old Milk Bar

You didn’t get matcha pancakes and Wagyu brioche burgers in the ’70s.

144 Dundas Street, Thornbury

Little Henri

A spacious eatery with a wealth of breakfast and lunch options.

848 High Street, Thornbury

Northern Soul

A down to earth cafe at the Thornbury end of High Street.

843 High Street, Thornbury