Best Cafes in Collingwood

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Collingwood and adjoining Fitzroy weren't the first suburbs to start pushing specialty coffee in Melbourne, but they're two of the most active now. Collingwood in particular still has plenty of undeveloped light industrial sites that are ideal for coffee roasters (see: Aunty Peg's, Acoffee). And where good coffee goes, good food often follows. True to that, all these cafes brew a quality cup and serve food to the same standard, even if that just involves putting a few pastries in the cabinet.

  • All-day breakfasts and “feel-good” food.

  • Less a cafe, and more a flying pitstop for first-class coffee and simple food.

  • Proud Mary represents Melbourne coffee in a way that few roasters do. Its bright flagship cafe just off Smith Street was a trailblazer when it opened in 2009, offering then-novel extraction methods (V60, Aeropress, cold drip) for its blends and single origins – all roasted a block away at Aunty Peg's. Whether you’re feeling intrepid or sticking to the usual, there’s a brew here for you.

  • Proud Mary's vast roasting house is also an excellent place to sample the product and learn more about how it's made.

  • A sleek and sparse roaster and cafe in a converted garage.

  • One of Collingwood's first serious cafes and still hugely popular.

  • A modern take on the old corner store.

  • The New Zealand coffee company has expanded with its first Melbourne roastery and cafe in Collingwood.

  • The social initiative has come a long way from its coffee-cart origins.

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  • An Italian-inspired cafe with excellent grab-and-go breakfast and lunch options, and a lush rear courtyard. Don't leave without a visit to their European-inspired goods store (think gorgeous glassware, statement plates and tagines).

  • “Cibi” is Japanese for “little one”. But this cafe, homewares and furniture store is not so little. It's in a light-filled warehouse with a spacious, homey kitchen, there are traditional breakfasts and takeaway lunches. Plus, a grocer with produce and pantry goods to take home.

  • Simple and diet-friendly eats in a bright, playroom-like take on Scandinavian design.

  • Collingwood cafe Lemon, Middle and Orange proudly exudes an industrial heritage – through the space and the menu.

  • The focus here is on okonomiyaki – savoury Japanese pancakes. They come with all kinds of toppings, from pork and kimchi to mushroom. The rest of the menu is rounded out by classics including omurice, shokupan sandos and teriyaki chicken. Enjoy it all in the homey dining room or in the sunny courtyard.

  • Sit on a milk crate and enjoy caramel-filled Argentinian pastries, updated escargot and slow-fermented bread.